Okay, so I know everyone has had at least one bad breakout if not more. Our skin is a sensitive part of our body. More times than not it reacts unkindly if we neglect our skin. I used to have very poor skin. After endless dermatologist appointments, acne prescriptions, bottle after bottle of said acne treatment facial washes, and the dreaded chemical peels. I can finally give you my tips, products, and do’s and don’ts  with your skin.


Being an actress and constantly traveling, makeup is a huge part of my life whether or not I want it to be. When I get done from a shoot at 3am in the morning all I want to do is get into some comfy pajamas and go to sleep. But being in front of the camera all the time you cannot neglect you skin. So I always remove my makeup with these makeup cleansing wipes. Almay Makeup Cleansing Wipes

I use Arbonne facial products. I use the acne line. The facial cleanser I use  is Acne Deep Pore Cleanser . It defiantly dries our face out so I do recommend using  good moisturizer. I use this one which is meant for acne prone skin. Acne Treatment Lotion

Okay, lets be honest with each other. You have picked at that stubborn pimple before. All of a sudden you’re staring at the scar that you caused  by popping the pimple. I used  Genius Microdermabrasion Pads to get rid of the scarring left behind by the acne. Its a mini spa microdermabrasion for home use.

For any breakout I get whether its brought on by stress or the time of the month I rely on Epiduo. OMG its a life savor. You need a prescription for it but its worth dragging yourself to the dermatologist just to get it.

Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Do wash your face twice a day. Your face puts up with so much every second of the day. washing it rejuvenates the skin and removes the gunk out of your pores which will cause acne if not cleaned.
  2. Don’t touch your face if you don’t need too. Do you know how much bacteria is on your hands? Lots and lots.
  3. Do use a facial mask. Spoil your skin it deserves it. The facial mask I use is a mud mask which is detoxifying my skin while I use it. Mud Mask
  4. Don’t sleep in your makeup! NEVER. It ages your skin quicker.



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