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Winter is Coming…

And that means its time for some much needed shopping. Now before you call Stacy London or Clinton Kelly for help on your winter wardrobe. Look here for tips and advice as well as outfit ideas for the new winter fashion. It time you know how easy and simple is to put together a winter outfit for holiday parties, Christmas shopping, and your occasional night out.

 Leather Love

I love leather. Its a good go to. Whether you’re at a party or just going to Whole Foods leather can make your whole outfit look fashionable. Be careful though too much leather can make you look like the next cat women that’s good if that’s your goal but usually not.

Leather anything can get a bit pricey so I have attached some nicely priced leather jackets for your viewing. When I think of a leather outfit I think a graphic tee (try and stay away from dark colors if that’s what color your leather jacket is. Think reds, WHITE, anything but navy blue, or black) that way your leather jacket can pop out more. Add some white ripped skinny pants, or black skinny pants. Grab your Charlie or combat boots, put up your hair into a ponytail, or give your hair a messy but nice styling and there’s your day out look.

For an evening out, go with a leather pencil skirt or some leather leggings. I have added both links to some buys. For a top, I’d go with a white light thin sweater, grayish turtleneck, or even a thin sheer white button down collar neck shirt (white or baby blue). Add some ankle heeled suede boots or a strappy heel and CONGRATULATIONS your new look is complete for either casual or a fancy night out.

J.D.Y Leather Jacket  Vero Moda Leather Jacket  New Look Leather Jacket  Get Off Me NYC White  New Look Loafer   Charlie Boot Burgundy.  Leather Pencil Skirt      Khaki Ankle Heel Boot


Okay guys that was just part one. There is more where that came from I have more Winter wardrobe tips that I will be posting later. Also men watch out I have stuff for you as well. Its the season that just keeps giving. Please guys also comment anything you’d like to see on this blog. Its to entertain  you!!!



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