Lights, Camera, Action!

Hi guys!

Its been ages! (I’m only exaggerating its been about 5 days since my last post) but still that’s a long time! Anyways back to what this post is really about…. MOVIE NIGHT! Yep, that’s right a movie night with friends, your bae bae, or even you and your cuddly kitties (or imaginary kitty if you have none).

One things I truly love is snuggling up with a good movie being around friends I truly love. You know one thing I’ve learned about being in the film industry is you will never see a movie the way you used too. It sounds so cliché but its true!

Elaina’s Movie Night Picks

  1. Sex & The City 1 and 2

I will never turn down an opportunity to watch Sex & The City. This movie is one of my favorites. Carrie is a girls dread of who she will become when she grows up. Who doesn’t want to work for Vogue? (OK, that was a rhetorical question don’t answer that) but she has the perfect man, perfect apartment in Manhattan, and the perfect job! One of the things I love about this file is for me I step into this world of extravagant riches for 2 hours. Also if I had to be anyone from the film without hesitant I would say Samantha. I want her sex drive and her fearlessness!

2. Life As We Know It

The movie title says it all! As we all know Life is sooooooo unpredictable almost to the point where it pisses us all off. In this film (without spoiling it for anyone) One night changes the life of two single adults when they become the prime caregivers too their best friends baby. I love how much truth this film portrays. I myself can relate to this film and I truly believe everyone can take something from this film and relate to it. You don’t have to be a single mother or father.

3. Hostel 1,2,and 3

For the people who don’t know me I am a HUGE fan of the horror genre. The first horror film I was FORCED to watch was the 2010 version of Nightmare on Elm Street. The scene where Dean (Kellan Lutz) slits his throat in the diner was such a scarring moment in my life. Come on before even watching this film I had no idea what a horror film even was. Soon after I loved the thrill you get when something scary happens. I love gore and violence which is why I am such a fan of the Hostel franchise. It is made so well and not the cheesy kind of horror

So it’s 2:26 am where I am currently and I seem to have this burst of energy to go clean and organize my room. So I will stop for now. I would love to hear from anyone who would want to voice their opinions and suggestions for this blog.